About us title


A family business from Chubut dedicated to rendering services, with more than 50 years of experience working for tourism development and growth in the region.


We are convinced of the fact that each day we have more demanding customers and that we are in a very dynamic market. We work daily to satisfy their requirements, prioritizing the value of human relations where friendly and personal assistance is one of our main pillars.

As a 2nd and 3rd generation company, different ideas and views come together giving us dynamics and synergy and allowing us to have a clear view and continuous energy renewal.

Every customer or guest, is special and unique to us. For this reason, we have different communication channels available to be aware of our guests’ needs, to listen and meet their requirements to satisfy them in the best way.



Our Beginning

Our first start in relation to services has been in the gastronomic area in Trelew’s traditional corner where the Rayentray hotel is located today. This was our first establishment and, apart from meaning a risk in itself, it was a clear invitation to future ventures having a commercial interest, an express intention to always defend those values, the protection of regional economies, the conservation of the environment, and the promotion of the tourism and historical heritage of the region.-


We found each stage enriching and important as individuals and as a business. We saw obstacles as advantages to adapt ourselves to new circumstances and to get strengthened as a work team. Adverse scenarios and conditions represent a challenge that makes us grow and improve.

Over the years we have been growing stronger in the region in a continuous expansion.


The incorporation of the Rayentray Puerto Madryn Hotel in 2008 certainly marked the beginning of a new stage, allowing us to open to new markets and to be present in congresses and conventions.

What We Do

We work with wholesalers, retailers, associations, clubs, mutual associations, government entities, corporations, groups, families, single people, honeymooners, incentives.


We offer lodging, cuisine, the organization of all kinds of events, equipment, qualified staff, customized budgets, rooms adaptable to different occasions, advice.


We organize social and business parties, congresses, conventions, seminars, exhibitions, fairs, product presentations, workshops, fashion shows.


Experience, responsibility, quality, and friendliness are some of the features that you will find when choosing Rayentray.