Esquel is the gateway to a magical region of the Patagonian Andes where nature is expressed in a thousand different ways. It is the main urban center in the north west of Chubut. Our city has developed as the basis for the distribution of all tourists visiting this area.

An important ever expanding infrastructure and its strategic location allow visitors to move from the lake and forest areas to the steppe in a few minutes. An airport, a casino, hotels, travel agencies and everything you need to enjoy your stay being in contact with one of the most interesting landscape expressions that you have ever seen.


Los Alerces National Park: At only 45 km from Esquel, Los Alerces National Park is one of the most important parks of Argentina. It was created to protect the longest-living alerces, a tree species around 3,000 years old, which make the Park a global attraction. It offers countless interconnected lakes and rivers, surrounded by forests and impressive mountains.
At the southern end of the park, there is a quaint little village where you will find the administration and interpretation center. Here you will get a summarized computer view of the natural features of this protected area.


Lake guided boat tour: The tour boat departs from Puerto Limonao especially in Summer. Sailing the Futalafquen lake, the Arrayanes river and Lago Verde you can reach Port Mermoud. There you can walk through a beautiful pathway that leads us to Puerto Chucao, where you can step aboard the boat again to sail the Menéndez lake and arrive at Puerto Sagrario, where the Millenary Alerces can be found. This tour may be combined with a part by land, departing from Puerto Chucao in the Menendez lake, making sailing shorter and arriving at the same destination in the alerces forest.


Esquel - Trevelin - Futaleufú hydroelectric dam: hydroelectric dam: The town of Trevelin is 22 Km from Esquel. This town was created by Welsh settlers in the late 19th century and it still keeps features and traditions of the old settlers which are expressed in their customary practices, teahouses and delicate pastries.
Futaleufú hydroelectric dam is located 17 km from this town. It is a technical and landscape attraction that is worth a visit!


Esquel - Trevelin – Border Crossing: The same route that leads to Trevelin leads us to the Chilean border. There are several important attractions on the way to the border crossing.

Nant and Fall Waterfalls: A group of cascades of a singular beauty located in the Andean forest which can be seen from their walkways.
The Flour Mill. Hydraulically driven it shows the operation of this kind of mills used by the Welsh people.


Arroyo Baggilt fish farm: A farm for trouts that will then live in different water environments of the region.

Across the border you will see the picturesque town of Futaleufú in Chile where you can observe the typical wooden architecture of the area.


Esquel - Lago Rosario: The Mapuche community of Lago Rosario is settled on the shores of this beautiful lake. Their crafts are distinguished for the quality of their materials made of pure new wool. If your passion is fishing, this lake will meet your expectations since it is full of Rainbow trouts and Patagonian silversmelt.


Esquel - LA HOYA: La Hoya is the Mountain Activity Center located just 13Km from the city.

Every Winter it becomes the main attraction for all lovers of Ski and Snowboard. If you visit La Hoya in Summer or in Autumn, the chair lifts will allow you to see high landscapes that offer a particular view of all of the surrounding valleys.


Esquel La Trochita: All the magic hidden in the trains comes from our earliest childhood. All our fantasies are crystallized in this genuine moving museum, a real train that will leave a lasting impression. In its tour to Nahuel Pan station, the Old Patagonian Express passes through the Patagonian steppe and its whistle awakens a feeling of nostalgia in the adults and the smiles in the children. A truly unforgettable trip.


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